Framed Painting

An example of a canvas I painted, with a lovely frame fitted around it.

Framed Sketches on Paper

I sketched a series of veggies and used this quirky pun for fun…!


This client’s daughter loves surfing, so we decided to bring the beach, to her…

Graffiti Mural

This mural was painted as a surprise gift for a 13 yr old girl. Her mom told me all the things she liked and we left some room for her and her friends, where they could be creative and add their own graffiti.

Kitchen Art

Art doesn’t need to belong to a specific area. Let’s be creative!

Acrylic on Canvas

I was commissioned to paint this canvas for a dad’s 40th birthday. 

Princess Room

A princess room with a difference, for a little girl…

Outdoors Girl Mural

A mural for a very energetic, loving girl, who loves animals and music!

Cherry Blossom Mural

A simplistic cherry blossom tree, with a few beautiful words, as focal wall for a young girl’s bedroom.

Comic book fighter plane

Pop art style, would work very nice in a boy’s room or in a man cave…

The Wave

This wave was done with acrylic on canvas, for a main bedroom, to pull some blues and greens together in the room.

Missing you...

Comic book style, portraying emotion.

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