About me


Do not despise the days of small beginnings...
I Just Love It was started from a true passion for children and a passion for beautifying things.

In 2009 one of my friends opened up a baby shop in our area and we started talking about the fact that pictures and themes which appealed to us, weren't available in any shops. I then started supplying her with PAINTED CANVASSES while awaiting the birth of our baby girl.

Four years down the line, my business is still going strong and I have built up a small portfolio of things which I really like to paint as well as assignments by clients who had a specific theme in mind.

I work with acrylic paints on high quality stretched canvas and could custom make your order in any colour and theme of your choice!

Another passion of mine is PASTEL SKETCHES, which I do with pastel pencils. I work from photos and sketch onto thick paper which is then sprayed with a special fixative so the work could be easily rolled up and transported without the pastels smudging. The client can then take their portrait to be framed, choosing the specific look they want… You can view some of my work here.

I have always been fascinated by the art of knitting, but have now ventured further into CROCHETING which I thoroughly enjoy! I have recently started selling some tailor made beanies for babies, kids and adults and you are welcome to have a look at them here.

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